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If you make an enquiry by phone or email, we can set up a time to have an initial telephone conversation to discuss if and how counselling and psychotherapy might be helpful for you.

We can then arrange a first session at a convenient time for you, which will give us the opportunity to meet and help you to learn more about the way that I work and consider whether you would like to work with me.  We will talk through what brings you to therapy including your current situation and any particular elements of your past experience that you consider it useful for me to know at the outset; what you would like to gain from the therapeutic process; any concerns you might have and what your goals and expectations are.  We can consider whether you would like to work in a shorter term, time-limited way or whether longer-term open-ended work might be more suitable for you.   If you would like to proceed, we will agree a convenient appointment for you to meet with me, each week, for 50 minutes at the same time and location.

Alternatively, we may decide after the first consultation that it might be more beneficial for you to work with another therapist or agency and in this situation I am able to assist with referrals should you wish me to do so. 

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