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The loss of a loved one can shake the foundations of our whole existence and can impact every area of our lives. The death of someone we love can not only lead to emotional and mental upheaval but also often has practical implications that can bring about circumstantial change, at a time when we may not feel able to face big decisions and major adjustments. Learning to live with loss can be incredibly difficult and can feel as if every area of our lives needs to be renegotiated; all this while we have to contend with our daily social, family and professional responsibilities. Unfortunately, we know that many people feel a lack of support in their bereavement and societal and cultural approaches to death can make this even harder. A recent study showed that three quarters of people who were bereaved felt they didn’t get the support they needed. The link between bereavement, mental health and well-being is clearly evidenced. Counselling and psychotherapy can make a real difference in supporting you as you navigate your way through such a distressing period of adjustment. It can help while you make sense of the deep feelings of sadness and loss and give space to explore the sometimes very complicated and complex emotions that bereavement can bring.

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