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Feeling low and depressed can have an impact on every area of our lives and can impact our work, social life, relationships and family. One in five people will experience depression at some point and we know that it can be very hard to find the support that we need to improve our situation and well-being. Unfortunately there is still a stigma around mental health problems, which to some extent remain unseen and misunderstood; this makes it very hard to seek help. Sometimes we have an understanding about what has triggered our low mood and depression and other times we struggle to understand why we feel the way we do. Depression is when the feeling of being low and down persists for weeks and months, and it can feel as though there is little respite. Symptoms can include a general feeling of sadness and hopelessness, tearfulness, a loss of motivation to engage in activities you used to enjoy, impact upon interest in sex, altered appetite, feeling tired all the time or struggling to sleep and a loss of confidence and self esteem. Depression can often go hand-in-hand with feelings of anxiety. Psychotherapy and counselling can help you to begin to understand your depression, the roots of which can be in the present or the past, often relating to our relationships, experiences and losses. Seeking help with depression through therapy can provide support and be a non-judgmental outlet for your feelings.  But also, as you begin to make sense of your experience, it can help you to move forward with alleviated symptoms and an improved sense of well-being.

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