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We know that supportive and loving relationships have a significant impact on feelings of well-being and mental and physical health. Close, positive relationships can be a huge source of support and directly impact feelings of happiness and fulfilment. Our family is often a focal point for some of our most intense and influential relationships. When family relationships are under pressure, this can lead to a deep level of uncertainty and distress, impacting many areas of our lives. Research supports the notion that as our closest family members progress through different life stages, we can be catapulted into new phases of transition too, which is particularly relevant between parents and children. These transitional phases can at times feel very hard, triggering difficult feelings. Modern families are often more complex including single-parent families, blended families and different configurations of a family unit, sometimes involving step-parents and step-children. At times there are conflicts to be navigated as it becomes difficult to meet the varied needs and feelings of all family members.  Psychotherapy and counselling can provide a space to reflect while you try to explore the problems in family relationships. Having the opportunity to consider your own position within the dynamics of the family can be helpful, as well as working towards an understanding of the position of those with whom you might be in conflict. Therapy can be a stabilising means of support as you work towards a feeling of resolution.

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