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We can’t always find reasons why we feel low, depressed and anxious but sometimes there are triggers or trigger points in our lives. We know that major periods of life transition can bring about a feeling of instability that can call into question many of the areas of our lives that we might have felt confident or assured about in the past. We also know that facing losses can be particularly distressing. This can include the loss of loved ones and friends, but also, as we approach older age we can be confronted by other kinds of losses. We may struggle with a feeling that we aren’t able to be as independent as we once were, there may be a change in our professional standing, perhaps in retirement or we may be having difficulties with physical health as we may increasingly be faced with health problems ourselves or in caring for our loved ones. We can find ourselves experiencing something of an existential crisis where we become acutely aware of a distressing feeling of vulnerability. Psychotherapy can be a huge support during such times, helping us to adjust to some of the changes we are experiencing and give us the space to explore the feelings and emotions that life transition can bring.

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