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Empower Psychotherapy and Counselling


Empower Psychotherapy and Counselling is the private practice of Sarah Hirsh Draper, clinical psychotherapist based in Harpenden (AL5), Hertfordshire. Sarah’s approach to therapy and the therapeutic relationship is based upon collaboration, support, empathy and gentle challengethrough which you can gain greater understanding and insight into your life situation. Working together, you can significantly improve your sense of well-being, empowering you to deal with the difficulties and challenges that you face, facilitating alternative perspectives for your future, and ultimately helping you work towards fulfilment of your life goals.

How can psychotherapy and counselling help me?

Effective psychotherapy can be transformative, improving well-being and quality of life.  Modern living can be so fast paced and so frenetic that there is little time to reflect upon or adjust to some of life’s realities.  We are bombarded by multimedia messages, projecting greater and greater demands and expectations of what our lives should ‘look like’ and what we should aspire to.  We can be left feeling anxious, isolated, disillusioned and confused about what is important to us and how to achieve fulfilment.  Many of us feel that we are juggling sometimes conflicting elements in our lives and this can feel overwhelming. Psychotherapy - ‘ talking therapy’ - can be a tremendous means of support.



At times in our lives we are hit by a particular event or circumstance, which can throw us into distress, confusion and difficulty.  Sometimes there is no such event but we find ourselves feeling stuck and unable to move forward; something is holding us back ‘getting in the way’ of our happiness and fulfilment. Therapy can help by providing a confidential, safe and non-judgmental place to reflect. Often, the process of being truly listened to and having the time and space to consider and reassess can in itself bring comfort and support, helping us to adjust.  It can also help to unlock whatever aspects of our experience might be contributing to our distress and that feeling of being unable to move forward.  Psychotherapy and counselling - ‘talking therapy’ - brings about more understanding of ourselves in an empowering and meaningful way.  A psychotherapist is trained to help and facilitate a process of understanding yourself better so that you are able to acknowledge and nurture aspects of yourself that are a source of strength and recognise areas that you discover are perhaps less helpful - bringing about new perspectives for the future.  


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